c'est la moux pas la choux.


Still in Italy, and now for a cold! YUCKY!!!

This was an italian lady's puppy that was at the hayride, he LOVED Molly. Too cute!
These are in reverse order! The fireplace scene was at the end of the wienee roast!
This is Molly and her lil friend, enjoying the cold weather, and the wienees!

Right beofre we left for the hayride/wienee roast.
During the day, Mom and Molly carved a perfect Minnie Mouse! Go MOM & MOLLY!
MINNIE all lit up and doing her thing!!

I want a do over, its just not fair to be on a trip and have food poisoning, then get a freakin' cold!! I'm achy and fevered....I need my hunny bunny! Although my daughter is a close 2nd, he would make me soup and tuck me in and comfort me like no one else. Oh well, c'est la doggone vie!

I promised pics from the wienee roast and hayride. I think that is what made me sick. Being so cold from that day/night. Of course, we all know that is not how it is caught. But it sure doesnt help....that is when I started feeling achy.

We had to cancel a trip for tomorrow to Nove, it is a town known for its pottery. I didnt want to chance getting sicker. You see, I am going to Florence on Friday and dont want to miss that. We are taking an overnight train, and spending the whole day there. I am so excited!! This has been a dream of mine for soooo long. I will go hacking an puking if need be. But...I hope I dont have to. LOL

Well, nothing new....but here are some more pics to oogle at. I will check in again!

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C said...

awww paux tite tooneski.. i will pamper you over da miles.. lemme make you a nice home made soup, some fresh bread, hot tea... and we'll snuggle up on da couches and watch "while you were sleeping", k? i will put lots of noodles in the soup for toi... then later i will make you some fudgie poop tarts... and more hot tea. then i will have a spaghett simmering on da stove all day, to have for din din, with me home made garlic bread and we will watch anudder movie until you are sleepy.. and get tucked in bed all comfy with a big heavy comforter. then i will slip in like old times and we will giggle over nuttin until we nearly piss ourselves...

ehhhhhhhhhhh mo that sounds so comfy, dont it?



pretend i'm dere doing it, k? and your lil moomoo can snuggle up with us watching da moovies...

i love you and hope you feel bettah!
i am so jealous you are going to florence... cant wait to get pictures. if you see sandra bullack dere say hi for me.. tell her we lerve black underwears...
hey, dianes ex and friend karen, and her daughter terry are coming for a visit next week. diane hasnt seen karen since 2000. it will do them both good to see eachudder.

i am jealous of the wonderful relationship you have wit jen and moomoo. i may take juju to the pumpkin patch today, emily wont lemme go alone wit him.. so i will have to put up with her crap to get some time with him. tings are not good with her and me. she is killing me slowly everyday. and it aint softly, either.

anyhoo, tink about me pampering you and let it warm you from yo toes up to yo , erm, yeah, knees... kiss da shwinne pour moi and matt and nibble on da moo pour moi, aussi.

love you toone..

moi, maudit.