c'est la moux pas la choux.


I dont know what to say....

well, i'm in a rut....do you ever get that way? sure you do....happens to the best of us. i just dont know where i am going, or which way is up. dont know why....things are moving along here just wonderfully. i thought maybe i needed a vacation, but no, thats not it. i thought if i got a hair cut, that would do it. nope, still rutty. i just dont feel i am accomplishing anything....like my life has lost its zest. ya know? dont think i am depressed, already had that checked out. nope....just a rut. like your tires are spinning and you go nowhere. that would be me. if you looked it up in the dictionary, my picture would be there. so my lil bloggy audience of 10, i am sorry to be so blah.....but i am a butt in a rut. so, i will go and try and figure things out, meanwhile....i leave you with one thot.......in lifes bumpy journey.....watch out for the potholes and ruts. sometimes you fall in and it takes a bit to get out. as i sit here on this lil piece of paper, my feet dangling off, i ponder what has come over me. Jo

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