c'est la moux pas la choux.


She's Gonna Blow at Any Minute!!!


Granny on the Web said...

My dachshund Fred once looked like this after he ate a whole chicken; the cat had knocked it off the kitchen top where it was cooling, I walked in as Fred gobbled up the last of the skin.
He was sorry for himself all day as he was so uncomfortable... I had to open a tin of ham for our dinner.
Taught me not to trust anything on the work top again.

Love Granny

jo.irish.rose said...

girls, girls, this baby is not dead, nor did she swallow anything! she is just very pregnant!! she is about to "download" her bunch of poopsters. thats all! she is adorable!! granny, i know what you mean, one time my morgan found her box of food open and ate until she couldn't eat any more. when we got home, there were little poop piles everywhere, and half her bag eaten!! her belly was dragging on the floor! i didn't feed her the next day for fear she would die! but she is still here!