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Prayer for our Nation

after watching the inauguration, which was awesome, if you have not had a chance to see it you missed an historical event, i feel as though this country will take a turn. now i did not say for which way. i know change is coming. i just pray that it will be for the good. i am hesitant yet to say all is well now that he is elected and things will work out. that is my prayer. i would like for nothing else but to see that his promises do come about. but as the past does speak for itself, promises usually never get passed through congress, by no fault of the president. so we shall see, a new era, a new administration, change as he said is coming. so, keep praying that this is what it takes to bring our nation and possibly other nations back to where they need to be. jo


Ruth said...

I'm watching, hoping and praying too. I also want to learn how to do more - like the protesters in France yesterday! It seems like we need to figure out how to take to the streets when we care about something. Well, I did that before the 2003 Iraq war started, and it didn't stop it. But I heard Mr. Obama say in response to a question about whether he was going to get a certain thing done, he said: Make me.

jo.irish.rose said...


i guess all we can do is pray for now and see where he goes. one thing for sure, if the administration does not stand with him, (at least the majority) things won't get done. thanks for your comments, i am going to make your bean soup from your blog! can't wait! looked so good, i have to try it! jo